Olivia Sifontes Art - the next wave in art

Initially I started with oil paint, but as it took so long to dry and I am a very anxious person, I changed to acrylic, with some attempts in watercolour. I started painting flowers, landscapes, houses, attempted doing faces, but today I have defined myself for a combination of everything nature provides us, in objects, colours, beauty, things...

My work has been inspired by Latin American indigenous art forms, Australian aboriginal art, Huguette Caland, Paul Kleen, and others.

I do not look for my work to be analised as a masterpiece of art or in itself an intellectual effort.. It is just the expression of colours and forms, and the enjoyment of those moments where the pencil or the brush position is invented, the materials and the hues.

My materials

I do my work with mostly recycled materials. Is an intent of making objects in a disorganised fashion, where figures, colours, lines, dots, and many other little things are observed.

In my work I have used: paper, cardboard, canvas, blue jeans clothes or any other piece of cloth to make the base for a painting; in addition, I use acrylic paint, coloured markers, paper towel rolls, toilet paper, papier maché dough made from recycled paper and cardboard with white glue, leaves, and many small things that contribute to the piece I am developing, which I think can be enjoyable to the viewer.